Great young stock make the best finished product, animals that are born and raised in rugged, challenging conditions make hardy, strong livestock.  We source beef cattle and lambs from the Welsh hills, Islay in Scotland and the Peak District from rearers we know and trust.  We then move the animals to the corn and lush grass of the Cheshire Plain where their hard upbringing allows them to really thrive.

Fed on rich grass in the tranquil Cheshire plain the hardy cattle and lambs create the perfect balance of flavour, fat cover and rich marbling to create fabulous tasting meat.  But like happy hens that lay more eggs happy, active cattle and lambs grow faster so we put huge effort in to their food, their shelter and their environment. 

Their food

We invest a lot of our time and money in maintaining the perfect grassland for sheep and cattle.  Everything from the acidity of the soil, to the drainage to the types and variety of grass seed is focused on providing them with the perfect diet.  In addition we blend oats, barley and beans grown on the farm for them to enjoy.  We also grow specialist root crops such as stubble turnips for them to enjoy and add further depth to the ultimate flavour.

Their shelter

Through summer and winter we make sure the lambs and cattle feel safe and secure, we manage our hedgerows and plant trees to provide outdoor shelter.  When indoors we use lots of dry, comfy straw grown by us to provide comfy beds for all our livestock.

Their environment

Cattle and lambs, like people like variety.  One of the benefits of our investment in the environment is that is provides lots of variety in the fields for our cattle and lambs.  From areas of wildflowers full of a variety of insects to the newly planted orchard with ripe fruit in the stomach our livestock have lots to keep them entertained. What they probably don’t realise is that the natural manure they are creating is enriching the soil (link to farm article) minimising our use of manufacturer fertiliser and ultimately producing more from less, which is ultimately what we are trying to do.

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