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How to test the freshness of an egg

We pride ourselves on only delivering eggs laid the same day so that you receive the freshest, best quality eggs with the greatest depth of flavour. Maximum freshness, maximum taste, maximum quality.

Break a really fresh good quality egg into a frying pan or drop into water to poach and it will stay as a tight ball making a neat round poached or fried egg. The photograph below compares a fresh egg (on the left) laid this morning, to an older the egg (on the right) which is two weeks old.

The five step test:

  1. Look at the shell.  It should be bright and have a sheen to it.

  2. Crack the shell.  It should be a sharp snap rather than a dull thud.

  3. Look at the air pocket.  Inside the round end of the egg (the non pointy end) there is an air bubble, when the egg is laid it is less than 4mm in depth, as the egg ages the air bubble grows in size.

  4. Look at the white.  The height and circumference in particular.  There are two parts to the egg white the thick albumen (closest to the yolk) and the thin albumen (around the outside of the thick albumen) this is sometimes mistaken for water.  The yolk should sit nice and high in the middle of the thick albumen, the thin albumen should be nice and tight around the thick and not spread out.

  5. Taste the egg.  The yolk should have a rich creamy consistency, with a luxurious sheen and a broad depth of flavour.
bwharfeHow to test the freshness of an egg
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